Ramp-Up to Readiness

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Developed by the College Readiness Consortium at the University of Minnesota, Ramp-Up to Readiness is an engaging college and career ready curriculum for schools and programs serving youth in grades 6 through 12.

Ramp-Up strives to make sure all students have an equitable opportunity to achieve social and economic mobility through higher education—whether it be at a two or four-year college, a trade school, or an apprenticeship. Highlights of the curriculum include:
  • Aimed at higher order thinking
  • Evidence-based
  • Easy to implement
  • Well-sourced
  • Affordable

Ramp-Up helps students in 15 states and abroad kickstart postsecondary planning. Contact Director Jennifer Kunze for more information.

Theory of Action

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The theory of action behind the program is that from grades 6 to 12 students receive intentional instruction and engage in meaningful conversation about key elements of college and career readiness so that they see connections between what they are learning to their own lives, are able to plan for their future and assess their progress. Essential Areas frame the Ramp-Up to Readiness curriculum, and deep levels of learning and reflection about each are embedded in the curriculum so that students learn more about these areas in age appropriate ways.