Preparing and Protecting Youth for College and Career Readiness

The College Readiness Consortium (CRC) engages with K-12 educators, youth workers and UMN programs to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school ready for success in college. ‘College’ includes two and four year institutions, as well as technical programs that provide a transferable credential. 

We also work with UMN youth programs:

  • Sharing expertise on youth protection
  • Educating program staff on youth protection standards and UMN’s Safety of Minors policy
  • Equipping program leaders with tools for continuous quality improvement
  • Developing increased targeted opportunities for precollege programs

68% of jobs in MN paying a family-sustaining wage require a postsecondary credential


150+ programs are offered by the UMN for children and youth


200,000+ youth participate in UMN youth programs


13 states participate in Ramp-Up to Readiness


150,000+ youth getting ready for college and careers with Ramp-Up to Readiness

9,400 middle and high school students attend Northrop matinees annually