Policy and Youth Program/Event Registration

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Online Programming Interaction Guide

Register a Youth Program

The UMN requires that all university-sponsored programs or events involving minors (youth under the age of 18) be registered annually. Program administrators are responsible for ensuring all information is current for their listed program(s) or event(s). It is recommended that registration be completed no later than 10 days before the program or event start date.

Youth Central Program Submission Form

Reporting a Concern

We value the safety of our students, families, volunteers, and staff members. Together, we can make sure our programs are safe places.

If you have any concerns about safety in your program, we encourage you to bring your concerns forward to the management staff of your program. If, however, you're not comfortable reporting the issue to your program, or you've already done so and feel your concern has not been addressed, please consider the following University of Minnesota resources:

When you make the report, you can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous. Your report will be shared with University leadership staff and the leadership of the program. We invite you to share concerns on any issues that relate to safety. Potential areas might include theft, violence, harassment, abuse, or a failure to follow established safety procedures, among others.